Public Health Project

 3-page assignment 

Project Proposal: Youth Vaping

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Public Health Project
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Use scholarly literature that will serve as the focus of your integrative project, YOUTH VAPING. Select the type or form of project you wish to conduct—1)a literature review, 2)program plan, 3)program evaluation, 4)policy analysis, or 5)research proposal—and in a 2- to 3-page paper, address the following:

Length: 2 pages

1. What is your reason for addressing the problem that you have decided to address? What contribution will the analysis of this issue bring to your career when you enter the field of public health? Make sure you use quantitative and qualitative evidence from scholarly sources to support your rationale.

2. What resources are you going to need to complete your project? (Consider, in particular, the time taken to perform background research and to obtain the requisite source documents.)

3. To what degree was the selection of this project subject and type based on evidence from academic literature? Please explain.

Length: 1 page

1. Develop a project timeline * Microsoft has free timeline templates (see This timeline should reflect at least 2 project tasks to be completed for each week (4). **This will eventually be a 12 page paper.

2. Project task: Vaping Cases, generation z, role of dishonest advertisements (flavors & costs), statistics, Pros vs. Cons, Risk assessment, public health policy, public health campaign, 

Total Length: 3 pages, double-spaced, APA format (excluding cover-page and reference list).