Research Paper On Human Resource Development (For Hifsa Shakaut)


Each student is responsible for a well-established and thoughtful Final Term Paper (10 pages, double space, 12 pt. Font with appropriate margins). You are to do an in-depth analysis of a key personnel/HRM problem or challenge facing your organization (or an organization you are familiar with) using the knowledge (theory, techniques) obtained through readings, conferencing discussions and research. Paper should be of professional quality, without errors, footnoting as necessary with bibliography (use APA citation format).

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Research Paper On Human Resource Development (For Hifsa Shakaut)
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Research title for HRM problems: Human Resource Development

My organization: Army Corps of Engineers (San Francisco)

1. Paper length is 10 pages

2. The topic must have HRM relevancy; that is, it is related to the themes covered in Sessions 1 thru 8. 

Themes that are covered in my session 1 thru 8 are the following:

Introduction to Personnel Management and Public Personnel Administration

Diversity and Legal Considerations

Sexual Harassment and ADA

Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection

Motivation, Incentives and Benefits

Performance Management

Training and Development; Organizational Development and Change

Discipline and Risk Management