Response To Rosali essay paper

Response To Rosali


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Response To Rosali essay paper
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Advanced nursing emphasizes incorporating societal values that target optimizing patient care. Purnell Model was constructed by Larry Purnell that explains cultural competence. Cultural competence in the beliefs, races, or values helps the nurse professionals acknowledge their clients’ cultural diversity (Gürsoy & Tanrıverdi, 2020). It prepares the healthcare workers to meet the patient’s needs better and leads to effective overall care. It centers on developing communication skills, employing a positive attitude toward different clients, constructing nurse-patient relationships, and helping nurses explore global views on culture. Personalized care and bridging gaps are achieved through practicing cultural competence in health settings. The holistic approach impacts the nurses’ capability to handle their clients and reduces the instances of possessing stereotypes or having myopic thoughts. Cross-cultural interactions and advanced career education projects develop a strong cultural competence background. Twelve cultural domains, such as communication, elaborate on the concept of cultural competence. Response To Rosali

Heritage is among the domains that focus on the origin or residence of individuals. This affects the topography of economics and explains how the educational status impacts the health of individuals. The nurses should have appropriate knowledge for implementing their interventions. Communication is another critical domain that focuses on paralanguage variations and the utilization of both verbal and non-verbal communication to improve relationships among health care workers (Purnell, 2021). Advanced nurses should create good relations with other health workers, physicians or pharmacists, and patients. Family roles and organization is also a fundamental domain that elaborates on how families divide labor and priorities and adjust to reliable lifestyles. The workforce issues involve autonomy and acculturation and explain individualism. The nurses have the role of improving the healthcare services to cover all the population despite the differences. Employing ethnic communication techniques is paramount in advanced nursing since it allows the appreciation of diversity. Response To Rosali

The biocultural ecology domain is employed in advanced nursing practice. It emphasizes racial origins such as skin coloration or differences in body stature. The nurses can distinguish the skin’s normal structure for different races and determine the abnormal. They also appreciate justice by ensuring equity for all the clients they nurse. Genetic and endemic diseases are categorized in this domain, which helps the advanced professionals to be keen on providing optimized care intertwined with the factors. The nurses can determine the risks for hereditary traits or environmental risks to certain diseases (Aksoy et al., 2021). High-risk behaviors form the other domain that helps nurses educate the public on healthy behaviors such as avoiding smoking and adopting healthy lifestyles such as physical activity. Pregnancy and childbearing are important domain that helps nurses to respect and offer the best care to women in labor and reduce mortality rates associated with child delivery. Death rituals and spirituality advocate that the professionals safeguard the wellness of the patients, respecting their diverse doctrines. Health care practitioner and practices are domains that focus on concepts of perceptions and defines the nurses’ responsibilities.

Effective communication is critical in the nursing scope of practice and promotes cultural competence. It is among the major domains in the Purnell Model that focuses on creating awareness of the healthcare disparities and understanding the social-economic factors to enhance health behaviors. Culturally competent communication breaks down the barriers to health and improves access to services. Communication enhances self-awareness, values diversity, and improves the knowledge of the patients’ culture (Aksoy et al., 2021). Effective communication exercises tolerance and maintains respect or flexibility, helping improve nursing care. The communication strategies attain client satisfaction and aids in attaining accuracy in nursing performance. Effective communication fosters relationships and navigates complex situations in that nurses require critical thinking skills. Adopting the Purnell Model in advanced nursing is necessary to attain optimal patient care. Response To Rosali


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