Risk Management Policies Assignment

Risk Management Policies Assignment



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Risk Management Policies Assignment
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Identify the company’s existing (if any) risk management policies. Evaluate these policies and assess whether these may or may not be effective. For policies identified as less effective, propose alternatives that make sense given the company’s existing structure


Company: Cannon


Risk management policy

Canon operates internationally, exposing it to the risk of changes in foreign currency exchange rates. Derivative financial instruments are comprised principally of foreign exchange. Risk Management Policies Assignment

contracts utilized by the Company and certain of its subsidiaries to reduce the risk. Canon assesses foreign currency exchange rate risk by continually monitoring changes in the exposures and by evaluating hedging opportunities. Canon does not hold or issue derivative financial instruments for speculative purposes. Canon is also exposed to credit-related losses in the event of non-performance by counterparties to derivative financial instruments, but it is not expected that any counterparties will fail to meet their obligations. Most of the counterparties are internationally recognized financial institutions and selected by Canon taking into account their financial condition, and contracts are diversified across a number of major financial institutions.



Foreign currency exchange rate risk management

Canon’s international operations expose Canon to the risk of changes in foreign currency exchange rates. Canon uses foreign exchange contracts to manage certain foreign currency exchange exposures principally from the exchange of U.S. dollars and euros into yen. These contracts are primarily used to hedge the foreign currency exposure of forecasted intercompany sales and intercompany trade receivables that are denominated in foreign currencies. In accordance with Canon’s policy, a specific portion of foreign currency exposure resulting from forecasted intercompany sales is hedged using foreign exchange contracts which principally mature within three months.


Cash flow hedge

Changes in the fair value of derivative financial instruments designated as cash flow hedges, including foreign exchange contracts associated with forecasted intercompany sales, are reported in accumulated other comprehensive income (loss). These amounts are subsequently reclassified into earnings in the same period as the hedged items affect earnings. All amounts recorded in accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) as of December 31, 2022 are expected to be  recognized in net sales over the next twelve months. Changes in the fair value of a foreign exchange contract for the period between the date that the forecasted intercompany sales occur and its maturity date are recognized in earnings. Risk Management Policies Assignment


Derivatives not designated as hedges

Canon has entered into certain foreign exchange contracts  to primarily offset the earnings impact related to fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates associated with certain assets denominated in foreign currencies. Although these foreign exchange contracts have not been designated as hedges as required in order to apply hedge accounting, the contracts are effective from an economic perspective. The changes in the fair value of these contracts are recorded in earnings immediately. Risk Management Policies Assignment