SPSS Output

Submit an application of descriptive statistics within a quantitative business research context that follows the Week 2 Assignment Template. Your application must include the following:

An explanation of the implications of “Scales of Measurement” in quantitative research
A properly stated research question
A “Presentation of Findings” section, to include appropriate descriptive statistics for nominal (categorical/qualitative) and scale (ordinal, interval, and ratio) data using appropriately formatted APA table(s)
One appropriate graph for a nominal variable (e.g., pie chart) and one appropriate graph for scale (quantitative) variable (e.g., histogram)
An Appendix containing the SPSS output (see the Week 2 Assignment Exemplar)
Correct APA formatting, including in-text citations and a separate References page where appropriate

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SPSS Output
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Please Note: You will cut and paste the appropriate SPSS output into the Appendix. The SPSS output is not in APA format, so you will need to type the information from the SPSS output to the appropriate sections of the APA table. You must use the Week 2 Assignment Template to complete this Assignment.