**  “sample-data.zip” include several HTML files showing class registration data **

1. Create a star schema for this data based on your analysis of the requirements and understanding of the domain. They must be reasonable and justifiable. Clearly show major measures, dimensions and their attributes. Use a software program to create the model.

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E.g. ERDplus (https://erdplus.com/standalone) or MS Visio.

2. Create a data mart based on the star schema using SQL Server Database Engine. Schema/data mart requirements (may or may not align with your design; but for consistency please meet the following minimum requirements).

o The fact table should include at least three measures: actual enrollment (the first number of the last column), original enrollment, maximum seats.

o Design at least four dimension tables.

o Create all primary keys, relationships (foreign keys), appropriate data type/length, and other constraints.

3. Create a SQL Server database diagram and take a screenshot of the diagram.


Data explanation 

  1. CRN is course section offering id, and should be unique across semesters (not exactly sure)
  2. Course section codes: 9xx – online, 8xx – hybrid, 0xx – in-classroom
  3. Course number: 1xxx-4xxx (undergraduate, 1 to 4 for freshman, sophomore, junior, and
    senior), 5xxx and above for graduate
  4. CCSE courses have five prefixes: IT, CS, SWE, CGDD, CSE
  5. The last column are the three types of enrollment headcounts:
    actual enrollment number in the end/initial enrollment number before registration deadline/max available seat