Strategic Marketing Management Plan Purpose

Strategic Marketing Management Plan Purpose

Strategic Marketing Management Plan Purpose

Describe who your Marketing Management Plan is for, and what they will know that they didn’t know before reading your Marketing Management Plan.

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Strategic Marketing Management Plan Purpose
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Who is the plan for, and why should they care about reading the plan.

Note: The plan purpose is about the Purpose of the Plan itself, not the business


Grading Criteria

  • The plan should
    • Answer the question, “why should I read this plan.”
    • Should be clear to the reader if the plan was meant for them to read
    • Should be answer the question of what the reader will know or be able to do after reading the plan
    • Should be clear what outcomes the author wants the plan to accomplish
    • Should cover the purpose of the plan instead of the purpose of the business. Strategic Marketing Management Plan Purpose


Impact Statement

          write down a first draft of your company impact statement  Your vision should be a short sentence or two that describes how the world will be different because your company exists. In other words, the impact on the world that you want to have with your company.

Impact = After You – Before You = Impact


  • It should be easy for families to afford to buy a home near a good school
  • With the new medical technologies, and the right funding, we should be able to save the few remaining white Rhinos
  • I believe that everyone who graduates from high school should have a job waiting for them, it they want one
  • Busy businesspeople should be able to focus on things that are important, and not have to worry about picking up and dropping off laundry

Grading Criteria

    • The impact statement should
      • Focus of the people that the business wants to help, not the business
      • No mention of the business
      • Should be clear who the people that you want to help are
      • Should be clear on what problem needs to be solved (customer pain points)
      • Example phrases to include
        • Should be able to do
        • Should be able to afford
        • Should not have to
        • Should be easy to
        • Should have
        • Should understand
      • Should be clear, in general, what the solution is
      • Example
        • Roadmap
        • Experienced trainer
        • Medical Care in the home
        • A clear understanding of
      • Should address a problem that is not already solved such as
      • Solving a new problem
      • Making a current solution better
        • Easier
        • Faster
        • Higher Quality. Strategic Marketing Management Plan Purpose