Strategic Planning and Development Assignment

Strategic Planning and Development Assignment

Building on the Strategic Planning and Development assignment from Week 3, prepare a 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, with narration, of your plan to present to the executive committee.

In this assignment, use the health care organization you selected in your Week 3 assignment. Determine why you are embarking on this strategic planning process (securing funding, establishing and focusing on organizational priorities, et cetera). In this presentation:

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Strategic Planning and Development Assignment
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  • Establish a clear vision for the strategic planning process.
  • Paint a picture of where your organization will be going and of your desired outcomes.
  • Ensure the picture is reality;  not just what you or your executive committee may want to have.
  • Make certain the strategic plan allows employees to know why the organization is changing. Strategic Planning and Development Assignment


Assignment Format

Your 10-slide PowerPoint presentation should follow this format:

Slide 1: Cover Slide

  • Include the title of your presentation, your name, the course number and course title, your professor’s name, the university’s name, and the date.

Slide 2: Background/Executive Summary

  • The title of this slide should be Executive Summary.
  • Describe the details of the situation.
  • Use bullets with short phrases.

Slide 3: Thesis Statement

  • The title of this slide should be Thesis Statement.
  • Identify the focus of your research.

Slides 4-9: Support

  • Support your thesis statement following the SESC formula: state, explain, support, and conclude. (Use Sublevel 1 and 2 Headings to provide coherence and organization.)
  • Provide in-text citations using the format in the Strayer Writing Standards.
  • Slides should be concise – b asically no more than seven bullets per slide and no more than seven words per bullet. Strategic Planning and Development Assignment
  • Most information in a PowerPoint presentation should be contained within the notes section.

Slide 10: References

  • Locate at least three peer-reviewed journal articles to support your work. For example, to identify the clinical quality that does not compare to other hospitals, see the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Hospital Compare Links to an external site.
  • Use the Strayer Writing Standards format for your references.

Note: Refer to the instructions and PowerPoint resources in the Week 5 Assignment Preparation for support in completing this assignment. Strategic Planning and Development Assignment