Summary Paper – Lesson Review


Summary Paper – Lesson Review

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Summary Paper – Lesson Review
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As indicated previously, your Summary Paper – Lesson Review assignment is due this week.

Review the two groups of questions outlined below. Summarize your responses to the questions, and submit a one- to two-page paper.


Look at a lesson or unit review plan you have taught or are teaching with an action plan in mind.

Do you use a mandated lesson plan?
 Do your in-class assessments (writing products, projects, tests, etc.), meet or exceed the rigor or the interim assessments you are doing?
 Is there a place on your lesson plan for Reflection?
Track how you question your students in a discussion setting? Are your questions mostly "yes," "no," or do you insist on critical thinking as students respond?
As you teach the lesson or unit, observe student work carefully during independent work. Do you need to enlist strong students to help weaker students determine right answer during review assignment?
Student self-evaluation: Go over a test you have given with your students after you have graded it. Have students track their own progress (where possible). Ask them "Why Choice A is a wrong answer."


When you have assigned homework, are you targeting specific skills identified by interim assessments?
Do you have students fix homework errors and teach them how to scrutinize errors?
Do you create leveled homework (student-specific)? (This is different)!
Do you design homework that is aligned with interim assessments, state test, SAT?
Do you include above-grade-level challenge problems?

Note: (Some of these questions taken from text).

As a building leader, you will need to observe teachers more smartly and lead assessment analysis meetings. It is critical to connect analysis and action. The focus shifts from what was taught to what students learned. Remember that while you have done this with your own lesson or unit, these are the kinds of things you will be looking for as you observe the teachers in your building as an administrator.