Targeted Cover letter draft and the updated one

Cover Letter Checklist Use this document to prepare and review your cover letter. If you can check off each of these items – you have created a strong cover letter! For help you can access CareerX resources at or attend an upcoming cover letter workshop –

Format, Visual Appeal, & Organization

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Targeted Cover letter draft and the updated one
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ü 1 page, comprised of 3-5 paragraphs

ü Double space between paragraphs

ü Single spaced within body

ü No indent at start of paragraphs

ü Font is consistent and easily-readable (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Calibri)

ü Font size is 10-12 point

ü Consistent use of sizing, bullet points, and styles (e.g. capital letters, punctuation, bolding, italics, etc)

ü NO grammar or spelling errors

Address Header

ü Identical to your resume header

ü Contains name, which is the largest text on the page

ü Contains contact information including phone and professional/school email address

ü May include link to LinkedIn profile and/or online portfolio or website

ü DOES NOT include photo, birth date, gender, social security number or other personal information

ü Include the date


ü Use the opening “Dear…..”

ü Use name of hiring manager where possible, Mr.,Ms.,Dr., etc.  Do not use first name only unless you know the hiring manager personally

ü If the name of hiring manager is not available, use “Dear Hiring Committee or Dear Hiring Manager”

Opening Paragraph

ü Refer to the position you are applying to and the name of the company

ü Include where you learned of the position

ü Note why you are interested in this position/ why you are applying for this position

Body Paragrahs 2 and 3  

ü These 1-2 paragraphs should highlight your most relevant skills for this position

ü Do NOT simply repeat the content on your resume

ü Highlight the top 2-3 skills and experiences that you have relevant to the job description and company, using brief examples from your academic experience, volunteer experience, and/or professional experience

ü Conclude by tying back to the impact you can bring to the hiring organization in this position

ü If you use two paragraphs, consider making the first paragraph about your technical/ job-specific skills and the second paragraph about your “soft” or general skills (e.g. communication, ability to work on team, etc)

ü If there are questions that you think a employer may have about your resume such as location change or gap in employment, address them here. E.g. “Although I currently live in Boston, I am preparing to relocate to the San Diego area in order to be closer to my family.”

ü Do NOT point out skills or experiences that you do not have

Conclusion/ Final Paragraph

ü Reiterate your enthusiasm for this role

ü Thank the reader for their time

ü State your interest in discussing the role further


ü Sincerely, Your Full Name