Term Paper part 1


Individual Term Paper – At least 2 pages – serious inquiries only

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Term Paper part 1
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College of Business and Economics

The task for your term paper is to prepare a draft marketing plan for a product or service that you wish to consider for implementation. Ideally this would be an offering within the scope of your current healthcare employment, if feasible. 

* You can choose the product or service

We will follow Appendix A of Essentials of Health Care Marketing

In Part 1 you are to complete the Company Profile and Industry Overview. Each should be limited to one (1) page in length addressing the points in Appendix A.


Appendix A of Essentials of Health Care Marketing

Company Profile

  • Type of Organization
  • Name of Organization
  • Hours of Operation
  • Scope of Service Line
  • Clients Served
  • Location of clinics/services
  • Description of Business

Industry Overview

  • social changes
  • economic changes
  • demographic changes
  • healthcare delivery changes
  • this is an analysis of the industry and economy in which the organization operates
  • It demonstrated a current understanding of industry characteristics and trends
  • a trend is a definite, predictable direction of events
  • Conduct this type of research using secondary data sources

There is at least one page incorporating the Company profile and one page incorporating the Industry overview