Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help

Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help

Trans to Baccalaureate


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Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help
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respond to peers thoughtfully, add value to the discussion, and apply ideas, insights, or concepts from scholarly sources, such as: journal articles, assigned readings, textbook material, lectures, course materials, or authoritative websites. For specific details and criteria, refer to the discussion rubric in the Menu (⋮) or in the Course Overview Weekly Discussion Guidelines.


1st  peer post

Megan Rodriguez

The theory that fits my beliefs the most is Watson’s human caring theory. Watson’s theory states that “care and love constitute the primal and universal psychic energy, and care and love are requisite for our survival and the nourishment of humanity (Blais & Hayes, 2016).” The basis of this theory is that nursing, at its core, is all about caring for others, and through a deep and personal connection with the patients, we, as nurses, can do a better job at caring for them and, in turn, helping them heal. This fits my own personal philosophy of nursing. Caring for others as I would want to be cared for. I agree that caring for patients and showing interest in their well-being helps assist with their healing process.  Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help.In my current job, we have what we all call “frequent flyers” patients that are at the ER every week at least once to twice a week. I have one patient that comes around with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. After the second time seeing this patient, I noticed that the patient didn’t need a breathing treatment or medications. All this patient needed was a hug and someone to talk to for a short time. This patient had a lot of personal struggles at home, and when she wanted an escape, she would fake an asthma attack or COPD flare-up and come to the ER to spend time with someone else besides what she had at home. I started implementing with this patient a one-hug rule. Every time she comes in, she gets a hug first then we go from there with what treatments she needs. Utilizing caring first with her has cut back on the amounts of treatments she was getting that was necessary. Another patient that I had when I worked in med-surg in NH had broken her femur and had covid.  Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help. Due to covid being big, when this happened, the patient was unable to go to surgery. The patient could not have visitors because of covid and couldn’t walk due to a broken hip. I utilized caring to promote health by spending a good amount of time with the patient to show her that she was not alone. I would brush her hair and read her books when I had time, and I would always spend a little extra time with her during all ADLs to show her that we wanted her to fight and push forward. After one ICU downgrade to returning to med-surg and then beating covid, this patient got her surgery and walked out of the hospital. I truly believe that she would not have walked out if her nurses didn’t show her as much care as we did. I live by caring for others as you would want to be cared for and Watsons’ theory of nursing.


Blais, K. & Hayes, J.S. (2016). Professional Nursing Practice: Concepts and

Perspectives (7th ed.). Pearson


2nd peer post

Kathryn McMullinA

Nightingale’s Environmental Theory

The theorist I have chosen is Florence Nightingale. Her theory from the early 1900’s is still true today and what I do daily. The theory defines nursing and how it uses the environment to assist in the patient’s recovery is still important today. The five factors that she followed included fresh air, clean water, working drainage, cleanliness, and direct sunlight when available (Blais and Hayes 2017, p 102-103) Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help

After reading all the theories presented in the chapter, I felt like this is one that is simple and the most effective. When the nurses are not given the tools and the environment to care for their patients the recovery is much longer. Providing the patients with an environment that is clean, quiet and well lit at the minimum gives the patient a surrounding of comfort and healing. These are the basic requirements needed to start the healing process.

In my professional career, I have worked in places where these basic requirements were not met and it created an atmosphere that was not inducive to healing. In the mental health field patients are often not allowed to go outside. This creates more chaos, and the patients get more aggravated. When I was able to take patients outside it allowed them to have an environment that didn’t feel so confining. The atmosphere was quickly calmer. Another example would be when a gentleman was placed on a low-fat diet. He was an obese gentleman and did not like the meal options provided. We had the dietitian consulted and she was able to provide some healthy meal choices. He was eating and was eventually on his way to recovering.


Blais, K. & Hayes, J.S. (2017). Professional nursing concepts and perspetives (7th ed.). Boston Pearson. Trans to Baccalaureate Nursing homework help