Unit 4 Assignment: Observing and Planning for Social Development

Unit 4 Assignment: Observing and Planning for Social Development

For this child observation assignment, you will write a two-page paper describing and
evaluating a plan for recording a child’s social development. You will base the paper on
the scenario below, focusing on the child’s behavior.
Begin by reading this scenario:
Scenario: You are a teacher in a class of three-year-olds. You have a new student in
your class named Chelsea. Before Chelsea’s first day, her mother told you that Chelsea
had had difficulties at previous centers. At the end of the first day, you can understand
why she’s had some challenges. Chelsea knocked all the books off the shelves during
playtime and toppled over another child’s block structure. You are determined to
understand more about Chelsea’s behavior, so you think about how you will gather data
on her behavior. (2022 Cengage Learning) Unit 4 Assignment: Observing and Planning for Social Development
In writing your paper, include complete responses to the following eight prompts:


Observing and Planning for Social Development

  1. After reading the scenario, describe the assessment tool you would use to focus
    on recording the child’s destruction of items around the room and explain why it
    would be an appropriate way to document progress and promote a positive
    outcome for the child. (NAEYC Standard 3c)
  2. Create a plan for using the data you collected to determine a method to support
    the child’s social development. Explain how this method addresses the issues in
    the scenario. Give evidence from the chapter supporting this method (with
    citations). (NAEYC Standard 3a)
  3. Describe how you will create and share a preliminary action plan with the
    student’s family. Please explain how you will encourage the child’s family to
    share their thoughts on your analysis and their observations of their child in their
    own environment. (NAEYC Standard 2b)
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  4. Describe a follow-up plan that would include how you would use the information
    you learned from the family to collaborate with them and share and discuss the
    progress with the family on modifying the concerning behavior. (NAEYC
    Standard 1c)
  5. Provide an example of how you would build assessment partnerships with
    professional colleagues and the child’s family to help achieve a positive outcome
    regarding the child’s social development. (NAEYC Standard 3d)
  6. Research community resources in your area that you could suggest to the family
    to support them and their child concerning the behavior. Describe the resource
    and how it could be of benefit. (NAEYC Standard 2c) Unit 4 Assignment: Observing and Planning for Social Development
  7. Describe one way that you would address the situation regarding the child’s
    concerning behavior by applying, expanding, integrating, or updating your
    content knowledge of one of the following pedagogical “peh-duh-gow-jee-cal.”
    components: knowledge of classroom management and discipline; knowledge of
    teaching methods or instructional strategies; knowledge of learning
    environments; knowledge of classroom assessment. (NAEYC 5c)
  8. Write a reflection on how the process of applying, analyzing, evaluating, and
    creating a plan to address the concerning behavior of the child made you feel
    about your role on you as a professional. Describe how and why you would use
    these skills to advocate for children, families, and the profession. (NAEYC 6a)
  • Address all aspects of the eight items above.
  • Write two pages double-spaced with 1-inch margins (about 500 words).
  • Include a cover and reference pages.
  • Use 12 pt: Times New Roman or similar font.
  • Use APA formatting.
  • Submit the paper as an MS Word document using the assignment link in Unit 4.
    Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before
    you write and again after you write . Unit 4 Assignment: Observing and Planning for Social Development

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