Unit 6 AS: Product Development Paper

Unit 6 AS: Product Development Paper

The purpose of this assignment is design and assess the process of developing a new product for the global marketplace.
Take a new product idea and carry the new product through a new product development process for the global marketplace. You may have to use your imagination in certain phases. The writing assignment should include the followings:


  1. Please describe the product and how it works? (50%)
  2. Do you think your product has a chance of success? What factors would be critical to the success of the product? (30%)
  3. What additional information do you need to be able to make the idea work? Where would you get the information? (20%)

The paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length (excluding title, appendix, and reference pages). This writing assignment should be completed in the standard APA format. Upload the assignment to the proper assignment folder.

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Unit 6 AS: Product Development Paper
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