Week 2 Assignment 2

Formative and Summative Math Assessments

Research examples of formative and summative math assessments.

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Week 2 Assignment 2
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Choose one formative assessment and one summative assessment, developed by you or obtained from another source, that are intended to assess the same mathematics concept(s).

Evaluate each assessment by completing the chart below.

Note: Be sure to submit your chosen formative and summative assessments with this assignment. Depending on your chosen assessments, you may provide the link to the assessment or upload a copy of the assessment.


Formative assessment

Summative assessment

Describe each assessment. What is the purpose of each assessment?

What are the assessments intending to measure? Do you think the assessments can be improved? Explain your answer.

How will you ensure the ethical use of the assessments and the assessment data to identify your students’ strengths and needs?

How would you use the data that could be collected from these assessments to differentiate your instruction?

How would you guide learners to self-analyze the results of the assessment and reflect on their learning?

How can the assessment results inform the structuring of cooperative activities for learners?

How would you guide learners in working cooperatively to examine each other’s performance and further understanding?