week 2 bio

  • Week 2 DiscussionDiscussion Topic Well done! You have contributed to the discussion Due January 21 at 11:59 PMThe Major Components of Life
    Prokaryotic and eukaryotic are the two major categories of cells making up life on earth. Both these types require water and carbon.
    Describe the characteristics of water and carbon that makes them important to living things in general, and to specific forms of life including plants, animals, and prokaryotes. Why is NASA looking for water on Mars?
    Describe the differences in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. How have the characteristics of each kind of cell put limitations and provided opportunities for the survival and divergence of modern living things? Why might both cell types be considered equally successful? Make sure to consider both Domains of Prokaryotes.
    The essay must be informed by the textbook.
    Submission Details:

    • Post your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week.

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week 2 bio
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  • Week 2 ProjectAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment Overdue – Last Sun at 11:59 PMThe Dynamic Cell
    Eukaryotic cells are more structurally advanced than prokaryotic cells. In a 1-2 page Word document, describe the structure and function of each of the eukaryotic organelles. Distinguish between those that are and are not membranous. Explain the importance of membrane structure and function in the organization of living processes within cells.
    Submission Details:

    • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.