Week 2 Discussion Due TONIGHT

 For  this discussion, you will need to address all the tasks below and be  sure to participate fully by responding to your classmates as well.  Citations should be used to support your analysis and references should  be included in APA format. Before you begin, be sure to review the Discussion Question Guidelines!  

Now that you have been introduced to some advanced features in  Microsoft Word, you will teach the class an advanced skill in it. In  this discussion, select at least one advanced feature of Microsoft Word  and, using your own words (no copying and pasting) and examples, teach  your classmates this skill. Check the posts on the discussion board to  choose something no one else has shared yet!

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Week 2 Discussion Due TONIGHT
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In your discussions with your classmates, see if you can follow their directions or offer any help to problems they had.

You can also offer any help with challenges your classmates have shared.

By Thursday, December 10, 2020, make your initial  post to the Discussion Area. After you post your initial submission, be  sure to respond to at least two of your classmates, and to the professor  when appropriate, by Monday, December 14,2020, on at least two different days of the week.  /content/enforced/71846-17093625/Week_Two_Discussion_Question1.pptx