WEEK 4 LDR 804 Assignment

WEEK 4 LDR 804 Assignment

READ THESE two discussion questions and provide the answer – you also need to provide THREE PEER REVIEWED references PER answer

make sure these have references IN THE ANSWER ITSELF and USE at least one of the articles attached as a reference

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WEEK 4 LDR 804 Assignment
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LDR 804


Question 1- Modern society gives preference to the inclusive style of leadership and the traits that are associated with it. Are there situations where inclusive leadership would not benefit an organization? If so, what leadership styles may prove more effective in those situations? If not, why not? Support your response. WEEK 4 LDR 804 Assignment




Question 2- One characteristic of inclusive leadership is respect for diverse cultural preferences and beliefs. To what extent should this govern the style and behavior of the inclusive leader? Why? Is there a point at which diversity and culture wield too much influence and yield ambiguity and diminished productivity as a result? If so, where is that point and why? If not, why not?