WEEK 6 LDR 804 DQ 1 AND 2

WEEK 6 LDR 804 DQ 1 AND 2

READ THESE two discussion questions and provide the answer – you also need to provide THREE PEER REVIEWED references PER answer

make sure these have references IN THE ANSWER ITSELF and USE at least one of the articles attached as a reference

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WEEK 6 LDR 804 DQ 1 AND 2
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WEEK 6 LDR 804

QUESTION 1- Consider the influence of digital technologies on work and change in organizations. Is technology a transforming solution to problems or a volatile disruption to work, organizational culture, and performance? Support your view.

QUESTION 2- Technology enables collocated and virtual ongoing and ad hoc project teams that modify organizational work processes and designs. What do you believe are the most significant implications of these changes for leaders of diverse organizations? Support your position. WEEK 6 LDR 804 DQ 1 AND 2