Why Is My Child Doing That

 Why is My Child Doing That?
Please read the following scenario:There is a 2-year-old little girl in my class who has never been to an early childhood program before. This little girl spends the majority of her day crying. She starts her day having breakfast with mother in the classroom. She holds tight to a blanket and doll as her mother spoon-feeds her during eating time. When her mother is finished feeding her she gives her a few encouraging words in Spanish and leaves. From the time her mother walks out that door until her return that child cries! In my first week on the job, I found it very disruptive. This child cried and screamed during our class activities. My aide and I worked on encouraging her to let go of her blanket and doll.
For your initial posting, answer the following questions using the three core DAP considerations as a framework for your answers:

Is the teacher considering child development and learning (referring to knowledge of age-related characteristics that permits general predictions about what experiences are likely to best promote children's learning and development)? Why or why not? Explain.
Is the teacher considering the individual child (how best to adapt and be responsive to that individual variation)? Why or why not? Explain.
Is the teacher considering social and cultural contexts in which the child lives (referring to the values, expectations, behavioral and linguistic conventions that shape children's lives at home and in their communities)? Why or why not? Explain.

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Why Is My Child Doing That
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In your response posting, share what recommendations you might suggest to your peers to help build a relationship with the parent and family members.