A jury of her peers assignment

A Jury of her Peers” short story analysis pre-writing assignment.

  1. The first step for completing this assignment is to read Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” and Simso’s article on it. 
  2. Next, complete the weekly writing assignment called “Summary of…Simso’s article.” Follow the assignment’s directions, and upload it to Canvas.
  3. Now, it’s time for you to react personally to “A Jury of Her Peers.” Which aspects of the story were the most interesting to you? Why? What did you notice about the story? Did any images or phrases seem to be repeated throughout the story? Answer these questions in the space below marked 3.
  4. Next, determine the theme of the story. A theme is the main topic of the story that Glaspell seems to be asking us as readers to consider. What ideas does Glaspell seem to be asking us to consider as we read her short story? In other words, what is the main point of the story? Answer these questions in the space below marked 4.
  5. Connect numbers 3 and 4. How are the aspects of the story that interested you related to its theme? Answer this question in the space below marked 5.
  6. Now re-read “A Jury of Her Peers,” and look for specific examples from the text that illustrate how an interesting aspect of the story relates to its theme. List at least three examples below (Use quotation marks around direct quotations, and include the page number where you found the direct quote inside the parentheses at the end of the sentence. Your punctuation mark should go outside of the parentheses.

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A jury of her peers assignment
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