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  Learners will craft a “Leadership Developmental Timeline” (making use of Clinton materials and supplemental resources supplied, e.g., Values Clarification Worksheet, Module  One). It is suggested that learners begin the process on a worksheet,  white board or mind-mapping blank page.  This is a process of  reflection, examination, retreat and reporting. Nurture an atmosphere of  prayerful self-acceptance and discernment as you work (Psalm 90:12-14,  Romans 12:3).  Assignment Outline:
Introduction. Using the Congruence Model, explain what the purpose and direction of the reflection project. (1-3 paragraphs)
Brief Narrative Overview. Using the 5-6 phases of the  Timeline Model that offers an overview of major phases in your unique  timeline (Example: Show specific events plotted). Demonstrate  familiarity with Clinton’s emergence concepts including: process items, response patterns, process items, time‐line definitions, destiny processing. (1-2 pages)
My Congruence Model. Using the four dimensions of congruence as sub-headings, listing 5-7 process items (shaping activities) which inform your Priorities, Postures, Practices and Projects. Demonstrate  familiarity with each Clinton Article: “Perspectives on Your Unique  Timeline,” Ministry Flows from Being,” “Social Base Processing” and  “Dynamic Ministry Philosophy.” Note:  As no human has complete  congruence, discuss the gaps in your own congruence, and how you  compensate for this unfulfilled aspect of your life.
My Ministry Philosophy. Insights gleaned from Clinton’s  “Dynamic Ministry Philosophy,” state 5-7 principles which you affirm to  be resolved matters of identity, theory, theology and style as it  pertains to making your major life contributions in ministry.  This is  the “How to Do It Right!” section of your paper – this represents  ingredients in your personal theory of transformation, for self, team,  systems and organizational strategies.
Conclusion ~ Make “Your Ethical Declaration” of how you  plan to live, especially in light of the “Substance and Shadows”  dilemmas that are sure to come, sure to test, sure to improve each of  us.
Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m., Week 3
Standard: Standard: 10-12 pages, plus exhibits.
Value: 25%

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