argumentative essay


write an argumentative essay without secondary sources of information. You must rely on your own experience and knowledge to support a claim or assertion. This information will provide you with the basic elements of writing an argumentative essay. Refer to the Style Rules/Guidelines attached for more details on submitting your paper.

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argumentative essay
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Remember, to also review the information on writing a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should have three identifiable parts: a topic, a claim and three points of support.

Your essay should include a minimum of seven (7) paragraphs.

1. Introduction—introduces your topic/issue and state your claim/assertion about the issue (thesis)

2. Background and Preliminary Information—provides information to inform the audience about the issue

3. Supporting Evidence for Ethos/Ethical Appeal—establishes your credibility about the issue. In other words, show why the audience should believe what you are proposing in your assertion. What is your experience or knowledge?

4. Supporting Evidence for Logos/Logical Appeal—explain what universal facts exist about your issue/topic. For example, explain how your issue/topic relate to money (almost everything does), health, or current laws.

5. Supporting Evidence for Pathos/Emotional Appeal—connect to audience-based beliefs or values. For instance, provide information that would appeal to the audience’s emotions.

6. Opposing Argument and Refutation—Briefly summarize the most significant counter-argument about the issue by using transitions such as “Although some supporters believe that….”. The refutation part of your paragraph actually shows why the opponents are incorrect. Be sure to include the refutation.

7. Conclusion—remind the audience of your claim/assertion you stated in the introduction. You may briefly restate your main points here.


· Should marijuana be legalized for recreational and medical use?