Collab With Coworkers


Observing other teachers is important to build understanding for any profession. Observations are particularly important for the field of education because there is so much professional nuance learned on the job. In this field experience, you will have an opportunity to observe and work with a teacher, focusing on how that teacher collaborates with colleagues. Often, a significant portion of the special education teacher’s job is spent in collaboration with paraeducators. This typically includes collaborating on student needs, scheduling, coaching, and supervising.

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Collab With Coworkers
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Imagine interview with a certified special education teacher and a paraeducator in a Grade 9 public school.

Address the following:

Talking Points for Interview with Certified Special Education Teacher

· Roles and responsibilities of the certified special education teacher collaborating with co-teachers and para educators.

· Co-teaching models the teacher has used or is familiar with.

· Working with paraeducators, including providing training, feedback, and supervision.

· Advice for a certified teacher who is working with a paraeducator for the first time.

· Advice for creating a collaborative relationship with paraeducators.

· How and to what extent paraeducators are involved in student case management.

Talking Points for Interview with Paraeducator

· Roles and responsibilities of the paraeducator.

· Advice for a paraeducator who is working with a certified special education teacher for the first time.

· Collaboration strategies used between the certified teacher and paraeducator.

· The paraeducator’s recommendations for creating a collaborative relationship between all stakeholders in the classroom.

· Conflict resolution strategies to utilize with various stakeholders.

In 250-500 words, reflect upon your observations, interview, and collaboration. Consider if what you observed matched the information provided in your interviews. Draw conclusions and explain how you plan to apply your findings to your practice as a professional.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.