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Students often arrive to school facing numerous challenges in their   personal life. Educators are charged with the daunting task of   teaching the student, no matter what challenges are present. It is   important to understand what issues a family may be facing, to know   where to find resources that may be of assistance, and to communicate   that information to families effectively.

Choose three parental/guardian challenges to post on the   school’s parent/guardian resource page from the list below:

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Financial issues
Limited opportunities for recreation     and leisure
Sibling issues
Constant care and     supervision of a child with a disability
Increased     potential for marital problems
Logistical issues such as   transportation
Difficulty getting time away from job to care     for a child with a disability
Frequent disability-related   crises
Health issues of other family members
Difficulties obtaining appropriate educational services for     child with disability

Design a 10-15 slide digital presentation that describes each   of the three challenges you selected.

Include the following:

Potential solutions
A mix of five     state and national resources that could help parents facing such   challenges
Presenter’s notes, a title slide, a     reference slide

In addition, using the resources you identified in your   presentation, create a one-page handout that outlines the resources   from your presentation for parents.

Include the following in your handout:

Name of resource
Link or copy of resource
Rationale of the purpose of each resource and how it supports     the identified challenge

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning   the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.