Discussion 1-2 Paragraphs With References

Transformational Leadership 
James MacGregor Burns is known as the father of the concept of transformational leadership. Burns first produced the theory in his 1978 study Leadership. Building upon the concept first introduced by Burns, Bernard M. Bass put transformational leadership into a model in the mid 1980's. 

This model is known as the 4 I's of leadership: 
1. Idealised Inflence (II) – the way a leader influences their group

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Discussion 1-2 Paragraphs With References
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2. Intelectual Stimulation (IS) – the environment a leader creates that allows follower to be creative and ideas to flow

3. Inspirational Motivation (IM) – leader motivates and inspires followers to improve performance

4. Individual Consideration (IC) – treat each team member as an individual and develop vital relationships

This model is still condisered the essential mapping to achieve transformational leadership. In your discussion post, please explain how you can address the four I's in your current role. Touch on what you are currently doing and what can be improved. When responding to your peers, try to provide creative and/or new ideas to expand upon the thinking.