Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 Paragraphs With 1-2 References- Nicholas

Idealised Influence – The best way I reflect this with the kids I coach (club and college) is by emulating behaviors and habits that I want my athletes practicing on a regular basis.  I think this refers back to what Chapter 2 reminds us of treating our athletes in the manner we want to be treated.  We are ultimately our athletes' best role models in some circumstances.

Intellectual Stimulation – This, to me, is allowing the athletes a say in part of the leadership and decision-making in the program.  It's not giving the team 100% say, but it's giving athletes the say on certain things that will allow them an opportunity to feel heard.  For example, I may allow my college athletes some say regarding whether we train early or late, theme that goes on a t-shirt, or what we eat after matches.  I don't want my athletes to have say as far as who should (or should not) play or any other items that would manufacture drama by being a 'player-coach'.

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Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 Paragraphs With 1-2 References- Nicholas
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Inspirational Motivation – Having athletes follow your lead as a coach is the first challenge you accept.  Getting athletes that are hungry to improve is what makes the journey priceless.  Kids today have information at the click of a button and typically need to have answers at a moment's notice.  Being able to explain the "why's" demonstrates that you as a coach are establishing yourself with your players by building necessary relationships and furthering your team's culture in the same process.

Individual Consideration – Family comes first.  In those three simple words, that is the best way to sum up what this style is for me as a coach.  It is our job as coaches to meet our athletes how and where they come to us on a daily basis.  No athlete should be treated the same as another, but it is responsible of us to respectfully treat all of our athletes regardless of who s/he is ultimately.  I always let my athletes know that you can't be a great student-athlete until you can manage yourself as a person.  Once you learn to manage yourself as a person, the opportunities for you to lead and compete are indescribable.