Final Project

Presentation Topic: Create a presentation using MS PowerPoint highlighting a national current event utilizing the features of the software you have learned. Ensure there is at least one audio and one video. Include SmartArt graphics, slide transitions, and timing. Do not just use clipart; use actual photographic images. You must include at least three external links in the presentation. Be sure the following items are included in your presentation:

Title slide with national current event
Choose appropriate theme and background for topic
Discuss the population affected by the event
Video relating to the event
Use audio/sound effects
Web hyperlink references (at least 3)
Limit your presentation to 8-10 slides;
Use themes, background designs, texture, patterns and/or colors;
Utilize creative fonts and or text on all slides;

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Final Project
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You will be graded on use of all features, professional impact, organization, creativity, and overall impression. (Remember, creativity makes an impression!)

Checklist: Did you include all of the following?

Title slide

At least eight slides

Slide design and transition

Slide layout (at least two different layouts)


Audio/ sound effects

SmartArt graphics


Appropriate/Topic Information

Accuracy (grammar/spelling/font size)