Health Care Employee- Presentation

Health Care Employee- Presentation



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Health Care Employee- Presentation
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Life Cycle of a Health Care Employee- Presentation

You will create a presentation that provides an analysis of the legal, ethical, and social considerations that are part of the life cycle of a healthcare employee.


Create a thorough analysis of the employee life cycle that includes the following sections:

  1. A section discussing the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of an employee. Your analysis in this section will specifically address the legalities surrounding these HR processes.
  2. A life cycle section, focusing on the performance management process for employees. You will examine the performance evaluation process in place for health care employees and examine the legal and ethical values of this process.
  3. A last section, concentrating on what policies are in place to address a potential discharge of an employee based on violation of HR or organizational policies, including substance abuse.

Assignment Requirements Power Point Presentation

  1. 18–20 slides excluding your Title and Reference slides
  2. A minimum of five references
  3. Speaker Notes are required and should be included as if you were presenting your findings to a live audience.

You may wish to take time to meet and interview representatives with the HR Department to gain insight into what activities are done and what strategies are in place to ensure no legal, social or ethical inconsistencies are occurring.