Click on the link below to open the handout from The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill titled, “Editing and Proofreading.”

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This handout has two purposes. First, you should read the handout to gain additional knowledge and tips on editing and proofreading. Second, you will use this handout to test your proofreading skills. The handout contains seven errors (3 spelling, 2 punctuation, 2 grammar). After you read through to review the content of the handout, read through to try to locate these 7 errors. Use the strategies given in “The proofreading process” section of the handout as you look for the errors. Once you have found as many errors as possible (give yourself adequate time before looking at the answers), you can click on the link to see the location of the errors. Then, answer the following questions about this activity. Type your answers directly in the drop box.

  1. Which editing and proofreading tip did you find the most beneficial for you?
  2. Do you prefer to proofread at the computer or from a printed copy of your text? Why?
  3. “The proofreading process” section of the handout contains many excellent strategies for proofreading your document. However, many are quite time-consuming. Considering the importance of proofreading, you cannot spend too much time on this process. Which of these strategies stood out to you as a beneficial strategy for proofreading? Why?
  4. Which strategy from “The proofreading process” did you find most beneficial for find the errors in this handout?
  5. How many of the seven errors did you find before looking at the version of the handout with the errors marked?