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Reply to the classmate ( health Assessment)

Paragraph One: What went well for me for this simulation was recognizing the signs of a stroke and knowing the interventions when a stroke is called. I have had patients with prior strokes and had a patient have a stroke in front of me at work, for which we had to intervene immediately. I feel like this scenario is mostly realistic with a couple exceptions. With the patient who is having an active stroke, sometimes the symptoms of the stroke will wax and wane. For example, I had a patient on my unit who had just recently had a baby and her husband was talking to her at bedside and noticed the patient become unresponsive. We called a Stroke Alert and by the time we had gotten the patient to the CT (approximately 10 minutes after symptom onset), the patient was responsive and able to communicate with us again. I don’t know if the scenario could have portrayed that or not,  but realistically, symptoms of stroke can vary and change throughout the assessment. Nursing homework help

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Paragraph Two: Next time I would spend less time trying to gather the information I already had from the patient again. There were some assessments that I performed that were unnecessary and because of that, I ran out of options to complete my neuro assessment. I need to improve on prioritizing certain assessment questions during the focused assessment.


Paragraph Three: I learned about the NIH Stroke Scale. I honestly did not know about that assessment. I am more versed in BEFAST. In my job, it is rare, but not impossible, to have a stroke patient, considering my patients are all postpartum mothers and newborns. However, due to the rarity of the occurrence of strokes on my unit, it is important to brush up on the assessment skills. I will definitely be brushing up on my NIH Stroke Scale questions so I am more prepared for the next stroke I witness. Hopefully, that won’t happen for a while, if ever again. Nursing homework help