Nursing homework help

Module 06 Content
In this module, you have learned about different religions and philosophical views of happiness. It can be difficult to talk about religion in today’s culture. However, most religions have more commonalities than differences. This assignment provides the opportunity to learn about a religion with which you are not familiar, as well as the role it plays in being happy. Nursing homework help


Choose from the list below a religion that is NOT your own:

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Nursing homework help
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o An Ancient Egyptian belief
o Hinduism
o Greek or Roman Polytheism
o A Native American religion
o Buddhism
o Taoism
o Judaism
o Christianity
o Islam

Write a 1–2 page essay answering the following:

o Describe three features or tenets of the chosen religion.
o Mention any written works and prophets.
o Share how this religion compares to your religion (or beliefs if you do not have a chosen religion).
o What role does religion play in being happy? Provide detail and examples.

Support your position by providing three pieces of evidence from the readings and lesson content. Nursing homework help