Product safety


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Product safety
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  • Product safety has become a hot topic for businesses around the  world. The purpose of product safety policies and legislation is to keep  consumers safe, with the expectation that product quality is balanced  against business profits. How does a company factor these competing  expectations and still hold the consumer responsible for safe and  effective use of the product?
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Hi Class and Professor:

Product safety, product quality, and profits are all important aspects of any business. With these competing expectations in mind, the most important to consumers is product safety. We want to be assured that whatever product we buy will not cause us harm. The  businesses’ responsibility is to protect its consumers with the  notation that the product is safe to use and will operate as claimed. The  consumer must be held responsible for the safe and effective use of a  product. Thus, the business must make sure the product includes full  disclosure, including ingredients, instructions on how to use, and other  pertinent information to lessen the instances of being sued. Consumers  can sue the company if the product causes harm whether or not the  business was negligible. Companies want to avoid decreased profits due  to legal ramifications, so they may increase prices to offset this legal  expense. This allows the company to continue to produce quality products that are safe while maintaining business profits.