Project Case

 The Project Charter is usually presented by Senior Management within the business to an identified Business Sponsor. It is completed after the Business Case and Feasibility Study have been approved but before the Project Team is formally appointed. Furthermore: 

  • Project Charter defines the boundaries of the project. It describes in detail the scope of the project, within which all deliverables must be produced. Activities should be undertaken outside the defined scope of the project only if a valid ‘change request form’ has been approved by the Project Sponsor
  • The next stage following approval of the Project Charter is the formal appointment of the project team

1   Executive Project Name:

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Project Case
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2      Organization Background /Executive Summary: Sum up each of the sections in this document concisely by outlining the project:

  • Definition
  • Organization and plan
  • Risks and issues
  • Assumptions and constraints.

2 Project Definition

This section describes what the project sets out to achieve. It outlines the vision for the project, the key objectives to be met, the scope of work to be undertaken and the deliverables to be produced.  

2.1 Mission

Describe the overall mission of the project. The mission statement should be short, concise and achievable.

2.2 Vision

Describe the overall vision of the project. The vision statement should be short, concise and achievable. Examples of vision statements include: 

  • To deliver a robust, scalable financial management system to the business
  • To procure new work premises with adequate capacity and functional surrounds
  • To successfully introduce new customer service processes to the marketplace

3.        Define Project’s Goals (S.M.A.R.T)Describe a minimum of five (5) goals.
4.        Define Organizational Structure Develop the Company’s Organizational Chart.

5.        Define the Project’s Scope Statement Develop the Project Work Break Down Structure (WBS).