Ted Talks

This Board Counts Towards Peer Review and Scattergories

Hello there! This is a Research Source Evaluation Practice Board! Lets discuss Thompson's Ted Talk — I'd love to hear your thoughts about the talk as part of your first post.

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Ted Talks
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First Post – after Watching Karen Thompson's Ted Talk here https://www.ted.com/talks/karen_thompson_walker_what_fear_can_teach_us?language=en  Write a post that discusses the ways that Thompson's talk could be useful as a research source, and how Thompson's talk may be less useful as a research source (so, the pro's and cons).
Second Post- Review the posts of peers and respond to their points with "research evaluation criteria" from the link below and your handbook section on "Evaluating Research Sources."
http://www.easybib.com/guides/students/writing-guide/ii-research/c-evaluating-sources-for-credibility/       (Links to an external site.)