Wk 3 Team – Classroom Walkthrough Instrument

Wk 3 Team – Classroom Walkthrough Instrument 
Develop a classroom walk-through instrument for teachers observing teachers (not for administrator evaluation) in your pretend school using the course readings as references. You can create a new walk-through instrument, one that you found online, or one that a team member is using or has used in the past. The APA formatted reference must be used if you are using an existing instrument.

Include four indicators and a rating scale with descriptors for each category created.  An example of 4 indicators are:

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Wk 3 Team – Classroom Walkthrough Instrument
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Student Engagement
Academic Rigor
An example of a rating scale with descriptors:
Minimal- Not observed.
Basic- Inconsistently Utilized
Proficient- Consistently Utilized

Include a 350-word summary for the following: 

The process for organizing the teacher walk-throughs
What data would be collected
How the information would be used to guide professional development and instructional changes.