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This Excel worksheet relates to the Dickson Company example that is summarized in Exhibit 2-5


Download the Applying Excel form and enter formulas in all cells that contain question marks.

The Chapter 2 Form worksheet is to be used to create your own worksheet version of the example in the text.

Enter formulas in the cells that contain question marks. For example, in cell B25 enter the formula “=B10”.

After entering formulas in all of the cells that contained question marks, verify that the amounts match the example in the text.

Check your worksheet by changing the total fixed manufacturing overhead cost for the Milling Department in the Data area to $300,000, keeping all other data the same as in the original example. If your worksheet is operating properly, the total cost of Job 407 should now be $2,350. If you do not get this answer, find the errors in your worksheet and correct them.

After the excel sheet there are two more questions.