Business of The 21st Century Analysis

Business of The 21st Century Analysis



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Business of The 21st Century Analysis
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All students make one discussion entry that evaluates 2 job related websites. Follow the steps below. If you prefer, it’s also OK to make two discussion entries, one for each website that you evaluate

Choose 2 websites to evaluate. Choose one site that lists jobs in your career field. An example would be a professional association. For your second site, choose the website of an employer in your field. Make sure this site describes the company or organization and lists job openings.

For each website evaluation, answer all of these questions.

  1. What is the URL (web address) of each of your sites? Copy the URL to your clipboard. Then paste the URL into the text of your discussion entry.
  2. WHERE is the site from? Is it connected with a college, museum, textbook publisher, retail store, business group, special interest group or an individual?
  3. WHAT is the site’s purpose? Is it to provide educational resources, foster communication among scientists, market a product, attract votes, increase political clout, or generate support for a special interest group? If the site is sponsored by a special interest group, how is that made clear?
  4. HOW is the site listed? Did you find it through the search of a general topic? Was it linked through a reputable organization? In other words, does the site come with a set of references and reliable antecedents?
  5. WHO is likely to use the site? Who appears to be the target audience based on vocabulary used, level of education assumed or types of graphics, charts and links supplied? For example, is it geared toward kids, college students, consumers, professional scientists, gardeners?
  6. WHEN was the site copyrighted and when was it last updated? At the bottom of most websites, you can find the copyright date and often a note of when it was last updated. This will give a sense of how well the site is maintained, how current the information is and how reliable the links will be.
  7. What do you think is the biggest benefit of using this website?
  8. What is the most important caution you think should be followed in using this website?

You can write up your website evaluations offline, in your word processing system, and then upload them by clicking on the Attachments button below. Or, you can write up your evaluations in the Message box. You choose.