Drafting the US Constitution Complete the Multimedia Presentation planning worksheet

Drafting the US Constitution Complete the Multimedia Presentation planning worksheet

Topic: Drafting the US Constitution Complete the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet, in which you will discuss your potential multimedia presentation for Project 3.

Download the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet to help you start Project 3 off on the right foot. Since this course has entailed quite a bit of writing thus far, this assignment provides you with an opportunity to get creative. You have the choice of three tools—Prezi, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word—to present your opinions and observations on the creation and value of historical inquiry as it relates to the work you have done on your first two projects. Drafting the US Constitution Complete the Multimedia Presentation planning worksheet


Maybe you have always wanted to try Prezi, you are already comfortable using PowerPoint, or you want to format your presentation as a newsletter in Word (feel free to get really creative here and have fun with this). No matter your preference, decide which tool would be the most effective method for you. Complete the worksheet to gather your thoughts around what text, visuals, and audio you might include in your multimedia presentation.

To complete this assignment, review the Multimedia Presentation Planning Worksheet Rubric document. Drafting the US Constitution Complete the Multimedia Presentation planning worksheet

Historical Context Chart Management homework help

Historical Context Chart Management homework help

  • Identify two secondary sources from your selected topic. The secondary resources will review two historical events that impacted your research topic. Complete the Historical Context Chart (linked within the rubric below) to explore the how these events inform the historical context of your topic and support your thesis statement.
  • Download and complete the Historical Context Chart. Save this chart as a file on your computer. Submit this saved file for instructor grading and feedback.
  • To complete this assignment, review the Learning Block 5-3 Historical Context Chart Rubricdocument. Topic: Drafting Of the United States Constitution . Historical Context Chart Management homework help


Drafting of the United States Constitution

Student’s name

Institution affiliation


The lens I chose is political. I have the topic, The constitution of United States began in the year 1787. This drafting occurred when there was a meeting at Pennsylvania of constitutional convention (Rutherglen, 2018). According to people who drafted the constitution, the first governing document, the confederation articles and the government did their operations like countries that were independent. In this case, the political lens can be used to show how politicians tried to write down the laws and the purpose of drafting the constitution. “Comparisons (both favorable and unfavorable) with the Philadelphia Convention and the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1787 abound.” The drafted took place after America gained its independence from the Great Britain and this is when the republic thought of having a central government that was strong for its stability (Rutherglen, 2018). Some events that led to this drafting included the start of revolutionary war, adding of tax to sugar and molasses, passing of the stamp act that made colonists deliver supplies to British soldiers and the gain of independence. Historical Context Chart Management homework help

This can be political as well as historical lens.Some overall needs that were included in the US constitution include the Bill of rights which guaranteed an individual’s protection. The bill of right gave freedom of speech and religion to different states. The role of citizens during the drafting included having the power to govern it and this was not for ordinary citizens but for white Protestants who owned property. This people were the only ones allowed to vote. An economic lens has been used here to show that citizens who didn’t own property didn’t have the power to vote. Drafting the constitution by Michael lance graham

“The ten amendments made in the US constitution were referred to as the bill of rights which consisted civil liberties guarantees and state power checks.” (Mestad, 2017). This guarantees and checks were added so that the states would be convinced to ratify the constitution. Some opposition groups such as Anti-Federalists opposed constitution ratification since they thought the government would be more powerful. There is an economic lens used by the author in this scenario to show how opposition groups such as Anti-federalists had no power over ratification. Though this opposition groups were unsuccessful, they ensured the Bill of rights was implemented. Historical lenses in this picture try to study the drafting of the US constitution at different angels that why we don’t have biased decisions about the drafting (Vile, 2016). They include the political and the economic lenses. Historical Context Chart Management homework help


Mestad, O. (2017). The Impact of the US Constitution on the Norwegian Constitution and on Emigration to America. Norwegian-American Essays, 27-44. Retrieved from https://www.duo.uio.no/handle/10852/65127

Rutherglen, G. (2018). The Framers’ Coup: The Making of the United States Constitution. Retrieved from https://heinonline.org/hol-cgi-bin/get_pdf.cgi?handle=hein.journals/jlp34&section=7

Vile, J. R. (2016). Conventional Wisdom: The Alternate Article V Mechanism for Proposing Amendments to the US Constitution. University of Georgia Press. Historical Context Chart Management homework help

Management homework help

In two to three sentences, respond to each question. To develop your responses, combine your experience deploying search terms to locate the three primary sources in this learning block with your own reflections on the questions posed. Regardless of whether or not you were able to find all three sources, complete all question prompts before you submit your responses. It is especially helpful for your instructor to know what search terms you did use if you weren’t able to find the primary sources so that they can provide you with the feedback you need to develop effective search terms. Management homework help


  1. Describe your overall experience of locating these primary sources. Was it challenging or straightforward? Did you learn anything interesting along the way?
  2. Were you able to locate an interview with Tom Evans, a close friend of President Truman’s, who interacted with scientists who were trying to reach Truman with their campaign against the use of the atomic bomb? Share your search terms and a link to the primary source.
  3. Were you able to locate a petition against the use of the atomic bomb circulated by Szilard directed toward President Truman? Share your search terms and a link to the primary source.
  4. Were you able to locate an interview with Lilli Hornig, a scientist who signed Szilard’s petition against the use of the atomic bomb? Share your search terms and a link to the primary source. Management homework help

To complete this assignment, review the Learning Block 2-1 Short Response Rubric document.

Management homework help


About India You are now ready to make your final recommendations for your selected country and submit your comprehensive country analysis presentation using the Final Project Presentation Template provided.

Your presentation will include cultural, political, and economic research that may impact business operations and decisions that you have developed throughout the course. You will determine your final recommendations, communicating all in your PowerPoint presentation. The research will be communicated in presentation format, giving you the opportunity to practice business communication skills. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. Management homework help


Also upload your presentation to the Module Eight discussion to share your final project with your classmates.

For additional details, please refer to the following documents:

Management homework help

For your discussion post this week, select one of your favorite companies and research how it uses social media. In your post, identify the social media networks the company uses (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) and discuss the marketing strategies used. Is the company a frequent poster? Does it run contests or giveaways? Identify at least one way the company could improve its strategies.


In your response to your classmates, compare how the company you chose uses social media with the ways your classmate’s chosen company uses social media. What strategies do they share? How are their strategies different?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document. Management homework help

Management homework help

This week, consider a recent purchase you made in a store. It could be a bottle of soda, a pack of gum, or a major purchase such as a TV or appliance. How was the product you purchased promoted in-store? Was it part of a separate display? Was there specific signage promoting the product? Did the in-store promotion influence your purchase? In your initial post, describe the product placement, packaging, signage, and competing products.


In your response to your classmates’ posts, contrast the in-store marketing of the product you discussed with those your classmates described. Make sure you explain the ways in which it was similar and the ways in which it was different.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document. Management homework help

Marketing Plan Assignment

Marketing Plan Assignment

For the business you have chosen and created the other assignments:

  1. Create a budget with all the necessary components, income, taxes, financial statements(etc.).
  2. How you will create a safe work environment.
  3. Manage urgencies.
  4. What documentation needs to be used for risk management?

Another reminder is all about the costs! Show the expenses you incur for this assignment! Everything has a price attached to it; nothing is for free in the business world!


Make sure you use the excel spreadsheet for your budgets; it is essential to see all the numbers in one defined space!. Marketing Plan Assignment

The first cover page and reference page doesn’t count for your document!

Provide a document with max six pages using the APA style format. Check your spelling!



Student name

Faculty name

Due date     

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Objectives

The following sentences describe this marketing strategy’s objectives.  Increase brand recognition and familiarity. Marketing focuses on brand recognition because it’s relevant to organizations of all sizes and brand loyalty. This purpose is to promote the company and its products. Customer, sales, and profit growth frequently follow brand recognition (Desai & Vidyapeeth, 2019). Enhancing brand recognition may be a general goal or a specific goal for a product introduction.

Increase sales or revenue. This requires the marketing staff to prioritize promoting and selling the company’s products and services. Cross-selling, when customers are offered similar products, may boost revenue. Incentives to encourage customers to hit the purchase button on the website may also work. Marketing Plan Assignment

Increase customer loyalty. Existing customers are influential. They may generate great word-of-mouth marketing and boost sales by being more likely to buy your products. The organization values customer loyalty. Keeping clients is cheaper than acquiring new ones. This aim can aid any budget-related goal. Existing consumers’ pain points that could lead to disengagement must be identified to increase client loyalty. Enhancing the customer experience can also strengthen a sense of connection with the company and make one feel valued.

Marketing plan objectives unite the marketing department, enabling a unified approach to meeting goals. Objectives help marketing team members understand their duties and contribute to team success.

Consumer Analysis

The global market share of wearable fitness trackers is forecast to expand significantly. The wearable fitness tracker market is growing due to rising awareness of healthy living and demand for health monitoring devices. Advanced tracking technology makes it popular with consumers. Data privacy risks inhibit global business. The wearable fitness tracker industry is also expected to benefit from the growing popularity of IoT ecosystems.

Target Market

People of all ages, but mostly young people and older people, are the main market for fitness wearables.  The global wearable fitness trackers market share is split up by device type, component, connectivity, operating system, distribution route, application, and region. Smartwatches, exercise bands, smart glasses, smart clothing, and other types of devices make up different parts of the market (Chaffey & Smith, 2022). It is divided into hardware and software based on what it is made of. It is split into online and local categories based on how it is sold. Depending on how it is used, it is split into running, cycling, watching heart rate, managing stress, and other categories. Marketing Plan Assignment

The market analysis

The wearable fitness tracker market is driven by consumer health awareness and wireless fitness and sports gadget demand. The wearable fitness tracker industry is also growing due to new companies entering the market. However, the initial expense of wearable fitness devices limits market expansion. However, investing more in a linked environment may increase market profits. Thus, these factors may impact the smart fitness tracker market growth in the coming years.

Strategy for marketing

These marketing strategies will be used. Social media marketing. Social networking is a prominent sales channel. It’s also a great method to promote your brand and boost sales.

Email marketing. Email marketing works better than traditional marketing. Email addresses are easier to obtain than printed addresses or phone numbers. Marketing with content. Content marketing is different from the other kinds of marketing tactics.

It’s different from regular ads, marketing that takes place in real life, and funny posts on social media.

Marketing through conversations. talking marketing is a way to connect with your audience through one-on-one, real-time conversations that are powered by talking AI (Ferrell et al., 2021).

The use of live chat, chatbots, and message apps are all examples of this.

Marketing for diversity. Diversity marketing is a way to connect with and reach more people in your target market. It is a type of diversification approach. Marketing Plan Assignment

Marketing Budget

The financial resources required to support the marketing plan have been created as shown in the table

 Marketing budget  
Item Cost
Television  $                             300.00
Radio  $                             200.00
Billboards  $                             500.00
Burners  $                               10.00
Social media  
Facebook  $                             100.00
Instagram  $                             150.00
Email marketing  $                               50.00
Total  $                        1,310.00


Sales plan

Sales planning involves the establishment of sales targets and the formulation of strategies to achieve those targets, thereby fulfilling the objectives outlined in the plan. A sales plan is a formal written document that delineates the strategies and tactics utilized to attain desired outcomes and accomplish success in the realm of sales (Seeling et al., 2022). A sales strategy that is effective encompasses several markets and assesses the consumer’s requirements for the product or service.

The mission

The primary objective of the sales plan is to enhance income generation and augment brand recognition. There exist various instances of sales goals, such as:

The primary objective of the organization is to engage in the production, promotion, and distribution of wearable fitness technology devices. Marketing Plan Assignment

The sales staff aims to raise sales by 20% per quarter throughout the fiscal year.

Increase monthly or annual revenue

Cutting costs can boost profit margins and financial performance.

Customer value proposition improvement.

Increase sales leads


Company sales staff market and distribute products. The company generates leads to reach new customers, promoting growth.

The person is sales-savvy. This person is best suited to handle complex client inquiries. Sales specialists can demonstrate products and provide consumer offers in addition to selling. The expert handles sophisticated sales issues and other team issues.

He’s a Customer Success Representative. Customer success representatives interact with customers who have made purchases and renewed sales (Samouche et al., 2019). Customer retention is crucial to company profitability and loss prevention. Customer success advocates ensure the satisfaction of the most loyal customers and find new ways to improve the customer-business relationship, which boosts profitability.

The person is the Sales Manager. The sales manager must ensure team commitments and goals are met. This person manages the vessel’s navigation, performance, and improvements.

The target audience a company targets.

Market strategy

A company’s market strategy is an entire plan to fulfill its marketing goals. It includes many activities. Future marketing approaches will be used. We discuss social media marketing. Social media marketing is trendy. It is also a top brand awareness and sales tool. Email marketing. Email marketing is more effective than traditional approaches. First, getting email addresses is easier than getting mailing addresses or phone numbers (Bhalla et al., 2022). The discussion is about content marketing. Content marketing differs from other marketing. This technique differs from traditional advertising, offline marketing, and funny social media material. conversational marketing. AI-powered conversational marketing engages target audiences in real time. Chatbots, messaging apps, and live chat are examples. Marketing Plan Assignment

Prospective marketing 

A sales strategy encompasses the many approaches and tactics employed by sales representatives to strategically secure business transactions. This entails strategizing the target market, determining the methods of customer interaction employed by team members, and outlining the purchasing procedure. The objective of this study is to devise sales sequences that are very efficient for follow-up purposes.

Consultative Selling Strategy. By adopting a proactive problem-solving mindset when interacting with each potential customer, one can alter their perception of their role in the sales process from that of a seller to that of a consultant. By prioritizing the primary goal of assisting potential clients, one will inherently guide them toward the optimal resolution for their business.


Goal Tactics Deadline
20 $ increase in sales revenue Enhance the volume of telephone communications by a magnitude of 10%.

The lead qualifying activity should be reduced by 20%.

End of quarter
25% Increase in leads provided to the sales team compared The objective is to reduce the frequency of daily telephone conversations by 40%.

The lead qualifying activities had a significant increase of 30%.

Enhance the level of lead creation activities by a magnitude of 30%.

End of quarter


Monthly  Sales budget
Item Number Cost Total
Sales manager 1  $       2,000  $         2,000
Sales specialists 10  $       1,000  $       10,000
Customer success representative 2  $          900  $         1,800
Others expenses      
Attendants 13  $          400  $         5,200
Team Activities      $         3,000
Traveling expenses 12  $          200  $         2,400
Vehicles (Fueling) 5  $       1,000  $         5,000
Total  $     29,400


Customer service plan

Customer service is essential to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. A competent customer service plan can help a company handle client inquiries, improve customer happiness, and create a good workplace.

Customer service plans are comprehensive strategies used by companies to manage and respond to customer interactions (Feine et al., 2019). A well-designed customer service strategy includes guiding principles that help team members provide a consistent customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Customer service team roles and responsibilities

The Customer Service Manager is assigned many responsibilities, including team leadership, expectation formulation, interdepartmental coordination, and budget creation.

Within the organizational structure, the customer service manager will oversee a team of individuals known as customer service representatives. The assigned team will have responsibility for managing customer interactions, including direct engagement with inquiries and addressing complaints.

The decision-making process

Establishment of a clear internal process for making decisions. The clear hierarchy of the customer service organizational structure will ensure that every member is aware of their responsibilities in the decision-making process, hence decision-making will be a faster process.

Decisions that require the involvement of the management will be handled by the manager of customer service while minor issues and decisions will be handled by the customer representatives.

The communication strategy

Effective internal and external communication will be established. Customers will submit complaints, requests, or feedback to customer representatives, who will report to the customer service manager, who handles any management involvement. This path will enhance efficient communication (Muthukrishnan & Balaji, 2019). The  channels of communication include social media, chatbots, internal messaging systems, and phone

Monitoring and measurement of success by the use of Key performance indicators

There will be established protocols to assess the effectiveness of the customer service teams (Laaksonen, 2023). Customers will be requested to furnish feedback after engaging with a chatbot, engaging in a telephonic conversation with the contact center, or participating in an email correspondence. If any patterns or suboptimal practices are identified, the team, processes, or structure will be modified to enhance customer satisfaction.  Marketing Plan Assignment


Customer service plan
Item Number Cost Total
Customer service manager 1  $       900  $          900
Customer service representatives 2  $       750  $       1,500
Channels of communication      
social media charges 1  $       200  $          200
Chatbots 2  $         50  $          100
internal messaging system 1  $       100  $          100
Phone 2  $         75  $          150
Total  $      2,950




Bhalla, S., Alfnes, E., Hvolby, H. H., & Oluyisola, O. (2022). Sales and operations planning for delivery date setting in engineer-to-order manufacturing: a research synthesis and framework. International Journal of Production Research, 1-31.

Chaffey, D., & Smith, P. R. (2022). Digital marketing excellence: planning, optimizing, and integrating online marketing. Taylor & Francis.

Desai, V., & Vidyapeeth, B. (2019). Digital marketing: A review. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development5(5), 196-200.

Feine, J., Morana, S., & Gnewuch, U. (2019). Measuring service encounter satisfaction with customer service chatbots using sentiment analysis.

Ferrell, O. C., Hartline, M., & Hochstein, B. W. (2021). Marketing strategy. Cengage Learning.

Laaksonen, T. (2023). Developing seamless after-order customer service experience.

Muthukrishnan, A., & Balaji, V. (2019). Relationship With Independent Factors On Customer Service Satisfaction. Think India Journal22(14), 6631-6636.

Samouche, H., EL Barkany, A., & EL khalfi, A. (2019). Performance of Sales and Operation Plan: Literature review & Perspectives of improvement. ICAMOP journal1(1), 47-53.

Seeling, M., Kreuter, T., Scavarda, L. F., Thomé, A. M. T., & Hellingrath, B. (2022). The role of finance in the sales and operations planning process: a multiple case study. Business Process Management Journal28(1), 23-39. Marketing Plan Assignment


Fin4533- Exercises 3 Business & Finance homework help

Fin4533- Exercises 3 Business & Finance homework help


  1. Use your textbook to answer the following questions from Chapter 3

Exercise 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 18.

Please, upload xls, xlsx file.

Please, use the full computing power of Excel.


6.   Suppose that the current price of gold is $1,765 per oz and that gold may be stored

costlessly. Suppose also that the term structure is flat with a continuously compounded

rate of interest of 6% for all maturities.


(a) Calculate the forward price of gold for delivery in three months.

(b) Nowsuppose it costs $1 per oz per month to store gold (payable monthly in advance).

What is the new forward price? Fin4533- Exercises 3 Business & Finance homework help

(c) Assume storage costs are as in part (b). If the forward price is given to be $1,805

per oz, explain whether there is an arbitrage opportunity and how to exploit it.

7.  A stock will pay a dividend of $1 in one month and $2 in four months. The risk-free rate

of interest for all maturities is 12%. The current price of the stock is $90.

(a) Calculate the arbitrage-free price of (i) a three-month forward contract on the stock

and (ii) a six-month forward contract on the stock.

(b) Suppose the six-month forward contract is quoted at 100. Identify the arbitrage

opportunities, if any, that exist, and explain how to exploit them.

8.  A bond will pay a coupon of $4 in two months’ time. The bond’s current price is $99.75.

The two-month interest rate is 5% and the three-month interest rate is 6%, both in

continuously compounded terms.

(a) What is the arbitrage-free three-month forward price for the bond?

(b) Suppose the forward price is given to be $97. Identify if there is an arbitrage opportunity

and, if so, how to exploit it.

11.  Three months ago, an investor entered into a six-month forward contract to sell a stock.

The delivery price agreed to was $55. Today, the stock is trading at $45. Suppose the

three-month interest rate is 4.80% in continuously compounded terms.

(a) Assuming the stock is not expected to pay any dividends over the next three months,

what is the current forward price of the stock?

(b) What is the value of the contract held by the investor?

(c) Suppose the stock is expected to pay a dividend of $2 in one month, and the onemonth

rate of interest is 4.70%. What are the current forward price and the value of

the contract held by the investor? Fin4533- Exercises 3 Business & Finance homework help

13.  A stock is trading at $24.50. The market consensus expectation is that it will pay a

dividend of $0.50 in two months’ time. No other payouts are expected on the stock over

the next three months. Assume interest rates are constant at 6% for all maturities. You

enter into a long position to buy 10,000 shares of stock in three months’ time.

(a) What is the arbitrage-free price of the three-month forward contract?

(b) After one month, the stock is trading at $23.50. What is the marked-to-market value

of your contract?

(c) Now suppose that at this point, the company unexpectedly announces that dividends

will be $1.00 per share due to larger-than-expected earnings. Buoyed by the good

news, the share price jumps up to $24.50. What is now the marked-to-market value

of your position?


The spot price of copper is $3.87 per lb, and the forward price for delivery in three

months is $3.94 per lb. Suppose you can borrow and lend for three months at an interest

rate of 6% (in annualized and continuously compounded terms). Assume you have no

copper but can borrow it to short it if you wish.

(a) First, suppose there are no holding costs (i.e., no storage costs, no holding benefits).

Is there an arbitrage opportunity for you given these prices? If so, provide details of

the cash flows. If not, explain why not. Fin4533- Exercises 3 Business & Finance homework help

(b) Suppose now that the cost of storing copper for three months is $0.03 per lb, payable

in advance. (This is a three-month cost, not a per-month cost.) How would your

answer to (a) change? (Note that storage costs are asymmetric: you have to pay

storage costs if you are long copper, but you do not receive the storage costs if you

short copper.) Fin4533- Exercises 3 Business & Finance homework help

Personal Philosophy of Work Management homework help

Personal Philosophy of Work Management homework help

Personal Philosophy of Work


In this course, you have learned about how different philosophers discuss work. You have also become a philosopher yourself. For this final assignment, imagine you are a philosopher like Kant, Aristotle, and the rest, and create your own philosophy of work.



Write an essay of 3–4 pages in which you describe your philosophy of work based on what you have learned in this class, including the activities you completed earlier in this week. In your essay:

  • Provide a personal philosophy of work.
  • Discuss ways in which work can contribute to a life of meaning, value, and purpose.
  • Discuss the difference between work as a calling and work done merely for money.
  • Address assignment purpose in a well-organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and tone in grammatically sound sentences. Personal Philosophy of Work Management homework help

Additional Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication:Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Length: 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:

  • Competency 1: Define different interpretations of work.
    • Discuss the difference between work as a calling and work done merely for money.
  • Competency 4: Develop a personal philosophy of work.
    • Provide a personal philosophy of work and its purpose.
    • Discuss ways in which work can contribute to a life of meaning, value, and purpose.
  • Competency 5: Address assignment purpose in a well-organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and tone in grammatically sound sentences.
    • Adhere to the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics. Personal Philosophy of Work Management homework help



Business Finance – Management Week 10 Assignment – Final Instructional Design Project Due

Business Finance – Management Week 10 Assignment – Final Instructional Design Project Due


Employers should have methods of assessing the effectiveness of any training program as well as the overall performance of their employees. Assessments provide beneficial information that can be used to make necessary revisions to training programs or curricula. They also provide information used to help make important decisions for employee growth. Business Finance – Management Week 10 Assignment – Final Instructional Design Project Due



In this assignment, you will create a presentation in which you propose strategies for assessing a training program’s effectiveness. This includes information about both the assessment methods and the data collection methods. As a reminder, assessment methods are used to determine how well learners retain knowledge and are able to master objectives based on content. Data collection methods are used to collect feedback on the effectiveness of training.

You are to create a 10–15 slide presentation in which you:

  • STEP 1: Identify two assessment methods you can use to gauge learner mastery of content.
    • List the components, challenges, and benefits of each assessment method.
    • Align each assessment method to one of your objectives to show how the results demonstrate learner mastery.
  • STEP 2: Compare data collection methods you can use to evaluate your training program.
    • Analyze the components, challenges, and benefits of each data collection method.
    • Identify at least five key questions when assessing the effectiveness of the training program.
    • Analyze two data collection methods (tools) you could use to evaluate your training program. Some examples of data collection methods include interviews, surveys, observations, and focus groups.
  • STEP 3: Write a two-slide summary in which you choose one of the two assessment methods above, one data collection method, and explain how trainees will be evaluated. Business Finance – Management Week 10 Assignment – Final Instructional Design Project Due
    • Summarize your rationale for choosing your assessment method including the challenges and benefits.
    • Summarize your rationale for the data collection tool you selected including the ease of implementation of the tool.
    • Summarize how you will evaluate training for trainees.

Be sure to support your rationale with scholarly research by using three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The library is your home for SWS assistance, including citations and formatting. Please refer to the Library site for all supports. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

  • Propose strategies for assessing a training program’s effectiveness. Business Finance – Management Week 10 Assignment – Final Instructional Design Project Due