Ethical Nurse Practitioner Assignment

Ethical Nurse Practitioner Assignment

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering additional ideas regarding academic achievements to include or offering alternative ways of presenting the current achievements.

N-B- 1 reference each.

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Ethical Nurse Practitioner Assignment
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1. (Chelsea).  My professional development goal is to become a knowledgeable and ethical nurse practitioner who eliminates the gaps in care for patients and improves their health. This directly correlates with Walden’s emphasis on social change. Social change is the use of complex processes to “promote the worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies. Positive social change results in the improvement of human and social conditions.” (Walden University, 2023). To reach my professional developmental goal and develop my portfolio, I will use the following strategies: completing continued education courses, attending workshops and conferences, and getting certifications related to my area of practice. The continued development of a professional portfolio “encourages application and integration of knowledge, helps students recognize performance gaps, fosters student development, and promotes a student’s responsibility for learning” (McMillan et al., 2014). A professional portfolio will truly represent the practitioner it belongs to. (Casey & Egan, 2013). To conclude, developing one’s professional portfolio will help one reach their professional development goals.  Ethical Nurse Practitioner Assignment


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2. (Whitney)

Two strategies I plan to implement for including my academic activities and accomplishments in my professional development goals is to start developing my portfolio early. I plan to start working on gathering all the pieces for it now. Burns (2018) encourages pieces and documents for the portfolio to be gathered as it becomes available. I plan to keep it updated and add new pieces to it at the start of each class to show my learning process through my MSN journey. I will keep it up to date as I go throughout the program so I do not have to go back through at the end to locate everything and just throw it together at once, which could cause me to skip important pieces to be included. Another strategy I plan to implement is by joining more associations and keeping up to date on those.  as it is a very important piece to include in my professional portfolio.  I will continue to work on my networking skills as another way to strengthen my portfolio. Hannans & Olivo (2017), state, “Networking has always been important to professional growth, and the digital world makes it easy (p. 49). These goals align with Walden University’s emphasis on social change because the goal of this portfolio will help me as I graduate and enter my FNP role. Walden (n.d.), states it, “defines positive social change as a deliberate process of creating and applying ideas, strategies, and actions to promote the worth, dignity, and development of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies” (para. 4) Ethical Nurse Practitioner Assignment


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