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Discussion 1


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Many educators believe there is a need for an ethical code for educators. Others believe it may be too restrictive and infringe on teacher dispositions. Based on what you have learned and researched in this course, complete the following: 

Consider your position regarding the creation of educational codes of ethics. 

Create a 7- to 8-slide presentation to summarize and defend your position using secondary resources. This slide count should not include a title slide; it applies only to the content required below.

Address the following based on your position: 

Why a code would or would not address personal and community values

Whether a code would or would not assist in professional decision making

How a code would or would not assist in the potential conflict of ethical and legal concerns 

Include a reference slide formatted according to APA guidelines. 

Discussion 2


Consider an ethical dilemma that you could face in your future classroom. 

Write a paper that includes the following two parts: 

Part 1: Write a 175- to 300-word description of the ethical dilemma. Provide a title for the scenario and identify the grade level involved.

Part 2: Write a 175- to 350-word analysis of the ethical dilemma, depicting two possible outcomes: a positive outcome and a negative outcome, based on what you believe is appropriate and inappropriate handling of the issue in the educational setting.  

Discussion 3


 MnmatSignature AssgeUniversity of Phoenixnt: Case Study: Parent–Teacher Relationships Dilemma*

Refer to the “Parent–Teacher Relationships Dilemma” transcript uploaded below. This case study focuses on identifying and describing how community values and expectations influence personal values and dispositions.

Answer the following four questions. Each response should be at least 150 to 250 words in length. 

1. If you were Janet, how would you handle the situation?

2. Which ethical theory or theories support your approach? Why?

3. Which domain (dispositions or law) does your response lean more closely towards? Why?

4. How does this situation depict how community values and expectations influence personal values and dispositions?