Multiple Questions Answers

Multiple Questions Answers


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Multiple Questions Answers
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Question 3
The federal court system was established by:
Article III of the Constitution.
the Bill of Rights
the equal protection clause

Question 4
In many states and court systems mediation is:
required before the case can proceed to a hearing by the judge.
capable of bringing both parties into agreement, saving the court system time and money
the exact same as binding arbitration, with the mediator/arbitrator making the decision
answer A and answer B are both correct.

Question 5
Mark files a suit against Kay. Before going to trial, the parties meet with their attorneys to represent them, to present their dispute to a third party who is not a judge but who renders a legally binding decision. This is:

Question 6
Fred & Tyler agree to submit their dispute to an arbitrator. They must state in the submission document:
the nature of the dispute.
the monetary amount involved.
that they will comply with the arbitrator’s decision.
all of the above

Question 7
McDonald’s ( the famous hamburger chain) like many other businesses both large and small, today has duties prescribed by:
ethics only
the law only
ethics and the law
none of the above

Question 8 Jim, a scientist and project manager at Bio-Engineered Food Products, Inc. applies utilitarian ethics to determine that an action is morally correct when it produces:
the greatest good for Jim.
the greatest good for the most people.
the least good for the fewest people.
the greatest profit and the least good for the most people.

Question 9
Consumer Products, Inc. distributes its merchandise on an interstate basis to local stores. Under the commerce clause, Congress has the power to regulate;
every commercial enterprise in the United States
only commercial activities that are in interstate commerce
only commercial activities that are local
only activities that have nothing to do with commerce.

Question 10
With some exceptions, every portion of every meeting of the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal administrative agencies must be open to public observation under:
the Freedom of Information Act.
the Government-in-the-Sunshine Act.
Tile XIV, Section 7 of the Civil Rights Act
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Question 11
Which of the following is not an example of white collar crime?
Insider Trading

Question 12
Al tells Barb that he will buy her textbooks from the previous semester for $75.00. Barb agrees. Al and Barb have:
A an express contract.
an implied-in-fact contract.
an implied-in-law contract
none of the above

Question 13
Uptown Office Systems pays Tech Products $100 to use a Tech computer for a month. For purposes of the UCC, this is:
a bargain
a consignment
a lease
a sale

Question 14
Kate believes that George is about to hit her. To prevent harmful contact in dangerous situations, a person may use:
lethal force
any force, except force that is likely to cause death
whatever force is reasonably necessary
no force whatsoever

Question 15
“Bulldozer” Beulah owns a demotion company whose motto is “where crash makes us cash”. If a passerby is injured during a demolition by her crew, under the theory of strict liability Beulah must pay for the injury:
only if the crew intended to injure the passerby
only if the crew knew of the normal consequences of its actions
only if the injury was reasonably foreseeable
whether or not the crew was at fault

Question 16
Louise buys a leading brand of SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) equipped with defective Firestone tires which are under recall. The tire blows out causing the van to rollover and into a car driven by Mr. Carter. He can recover for his injuries from:
the dealer that sold Louise the lemon
the SUV manufacturer and Firestone
nobody–this is Florida and it is a no-fault state.

Question 17
Hawk Hiking Shoes, Inc. uses Sierra Boot Corporation’s mark in Hawk’s magazine advertising without Sierra’s permission. This is:
A copyright infringement.
patent infringement
trademark infringement
free advertising for Sierra